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Benson Studio is an award winning design practice based in Fremantle, Western Australia. We bring together Architect, Interior Designers and Landscape Architects.


Michael Benson, Principal of Benson Studio has worked in the Design, Construction and Hospitality industries for 20 years in Europe and across 

Australia. Having worked for the likes of Hassell Architects , Spowers Architects and Geyer Michael returned to Fremantle and set up Benson Studio.


Having completed a range of projects in this local setting, Benson Studio has established a thorough knowledge of our context; a knowledge-base which continues to grow and add meaning to each subsequent project.

Our design approach results in warm and welcoming built environments which are particularly suited to retail and hospitality projects.

Our studio specialises in working with heritage buildings and collaborating with professionals across diverse disciplines including local artists, architects, designers, graphic designers engineers and builders.  This spirit of collaboration gives a community focus to our designs, in both outcomes and process.

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